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gosh, i am sososososososooooooooo sorry that i’ve not updated in such a long time but since it’s nearly half term, the teachers at my school are literally overloading us with homework. next week i’m off school so i should be able to update more regularly, thank you all for being so patient.

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anniehepburn asked: your blog ROCKS :D

thanks a lot, i really appreciate it :)

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okay so i’mma listen to the two deftones songs and whichever i like best will be giffed by moi

4 notes question for my followers:

is there any specific deftones song you’d like me to make a gif of?

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sorry i’ve been really inactive. this weekend has just been busy busy busy -_-

but tomorrow when i get home from school i’ll hopefully have time to make the requests (which i believe are deftones and whitesnake). in the meantime, feel free to have a go at making your own gifs and you can submit them to me here

thanx luv ya

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qweasdxcv-deactivated20120122 asked: Are you accepting submitions? Deftones anything~ Ahaha and well ou cant stop us fromm"liking" it! hazah!

yeah i accept submissions, so basically you make your own gif and you post it to me here

or you ask me to make a gif of whatever you want and i’ll do it myself :)

so any song from deftones or something more specific? :)

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Anonymous asked: is this a side blog or personal blog?

side blog… hence the reason why i can’t follow people or reblog posts c:

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